12-Week Complete Beginner fitness program

12-Week Complete Beginner fitness program

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The 12 week program will help you become more mobile, agile, flexible and strong! This program is designed for someone who had never exercised before!

The primary aim of this 12 week program is to

  • help you move with freedom
  • condition your body and build strength
  • improve your cardiovascular capacity
  • build strength and stamina
  • increase your overall energy levels.
  • Increase your overall self confidence

The 12 week training

This is a is a set beginner program* including indoor and outdoor training.

Within this 12 week program, you are expected to participate in physical activity for 6 consecutive days of the week. This will include ‘active’ recovery days!¬† You will be doing a variety of different tasks each day including training with me twice a week!


Your twice weekly training will take place either via Skype online or at our Studio or home visits if you live in London, UK!

For Online training  you will be sent daily workouts to download in addition to twice weekly training via Skype with me!

Group training

Some of you may prefer to workout within a group of friends or family members who are at the same level of fitness as you. This can be quite fun and motivating especially when the going gets tough!



Please contact us now to book Your Online Consultation!