We offer a well-rounded Fitness and Wellness program/s to promote health and healing for a fitter life!

One-to-One, home visits and/or Online training to fit around your schedule while you travel!

What we offer     

  1. Healing and calming Yoga, to help deal with stressful lifestyles and even trauma! Our yoga classes are accessible to all with use of props!
  2. Specialist Personal Training one to one programs for the 40+ focusing on particular health and age related issues.
  3. Specialist 12-week fitness training for complete beginners
  4. Quarterly workshops in health and wellness.

Our Holistic Programs

Time to move away from a state of ‘distress’ …..bring your body back to its equilibrium through our healing yoga practices. Please click here for more information.

Our Fitness Programs

Our fitness programs are not just your average gym sessions but rather a fusion of different types of fitness programs to give you an inspiring and an effective workout! You will never be bored!  

We offer specialist one-to-one  PT programs for the 40 plus taking into account of the lifestyles, (Please click here for more information)  in addition to offering set fitness programs for the complete beginner to fitness, no matter how old you are! (Please click here for more information).

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