Cardio Yoga

Cardio Yoga

What is Cardio Yoga?

This is a strong Hatha Yoga practice combining different tempos and intensities synchronized with breath and use of bandhas or energy locks! Some postures will be explored in depth with the use of various props if necessary!  You will be guided to develop a mindful practice -being aware of all that is going on within and without at a given moment in time!

What are the Benefits

  1. Due to the nature of the dynamism of this practice, a lot of heat is built up within to help lubricate all your joints for safe execution.  In addition the built up heat from the inside will aid in getting rid of toxins.
  2. Our respiratory system improves vastly with the different styles of yogic breathing practice bringing in more oxygen for efficient transportation of nutrients to the entire body!  It helps nourish every nerve, cell and vital organs.
  3. The lymphatic system too benefits from this deep practice as it enables the movement of lymph fluid around the body more efficiently boosting our immune system!
  4. More importantly, increasing the body’s metabolic flexibility –  Endocrine systemresponsible for some of the key functions of our body like metabolisation of fat and sugar.

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Who can do this class?

This class is suitable for the fairly experienced Yogi and/or Yogini. 

You are expected to have a good understanding of alignment and how to use your breath and various energy locks or bandhas.  If you are not sure, please contact us to discuss!