Fitness fusion class: Willpower Method 

Condition your body, focus your mind and elevate your spirit through this incredible fitness and yoga fusion class – Willpower Method!  You will rhythmically move to great music with positive coaching and philosophy to keep you inspired!  Using only your body-weight, you will sweat, burn calories, build muscle tone and great core strength!  In addition you will improve your sense of balance, co-ordination as well as increasing your flexibility like never before!

Willpower Method

Complete beginner Fitness 12 week program

We have developed an effective step by step program to enable you to begin your fitness journey safely.  You will be given a 6 day a week program for the 12 week duration, with a different task to complete each day.   Twice weekly, you will participate in a face to face training with our trainer.

Complete Beginner 12 week fitness program

Personal Training for the 40+

An aging body works slower than a 20 something year old body! Generally speaking, as you grow older, it becomes a task to metabolize body fat!

We have devised an exercise program that effectively deals with these fundamental changes and help increase the body’s metabolic flexibility.  The program looks into the best ways to instigate a fat burn from the get go!

Personal Training for the 40+

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